information about building blocks

building blocks

There are two main types of building blocks - concrete and thermal blocks.  Concrete are primarily used for footing, retaining walls and strutural purposes.  Thermal blocks are used for cavity walls, mainly residential construction.  You can, however get thermal block in "high strength 7" which has the same compression strength as an equivalent concrete block. 

There are also hollow concrete blocks which often used for retaining strustures as they allow steel and concrete to be used in conjunction with reinforced steel and concrete.  In this case the concrete woul dbe poured into the hollows of he blocks.


Generally thermal blocks will be finished with bonding or hardwall finish, whereas with concrete clocks you will render them with a sand anc cement mixture.

block paving

You may want to use block paving for paving of drives and patios but these are a very differnt type of concrete block.

tips on using blocks

This site give useful tips on how to choose and use building blocks and information on where to soucre blocks of all sorts.

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